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Space Jam Lola Bunny is a Noble Role Model Actually



Ohmygosh,I just watched Space Jam again and it’s been a while since I last saw it. 

What kills me about people not liking Lola because she was sexy is that they forget her biggest attributes. She was the ONLY member in the Tune Squad that could actually play basketball. Granny was there too but she was just the cheerleader. Isn’t that flipped sided? The sexy girl is the tomboy that goes play with the boys and the desexualized Granny is the cheerleader. But not many people talk about this. 

Lola Bunny being a tomboy and the best player next to freaking Michael Jordan somehow isn’t good enough for some people that just want to say her character is sexist or a dumb bimbo when she wasn’t portrayed as dumb at all. The first scene she’s in she knocks Bugs on his ass and makes a slam dunk with ease. She didn’t need the “special boost of confidence water” to play better because she already was a good player. She just needed her team to pick up the slack because she and Michael couldn’t carry the team on their own. 

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I knew I was going to see something like this. Speaking of which, after reading this, I have the urge to strangely compare her (just a tad, though) to one of my favorite Disney heroines after seeing a somehow similar rant about her on deviantART:


Bill Watterson calling out sellouts(people like Seth Macfarlane and Butch Hartman) over abusing their talent for profit over entertainment. In both animation and comic field

I should be really lucky I prefer drawing as a hobby on certain occasions and am perfectly happy with the job I currently have at an electric supply company, plus I prefer spending the money I make there for recreational purposes along with the basic living essentials so I won’t receive explosive, yet compassionate flak from those people.


If you love animation, violence, and sexy girls. Then fund Riding Shotgun. The world needs adult animation that isn’t from the likes of Seth Macfarlane.

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Thanks for the desperate attention. I should feel downright ashamed for gaining interest in Family Guy now that you mention it. The world is in dire need of adult animation that is at least as awesome as literary masterpieces that are typically read in high school English classes, and this is coming from someone who regretfully hated English as a high school teenager due to finding it confusing and downright unfair to the point where she had to get constantly pulled aside to write and repair essays that seemed worthy of burning her brain in the process and was more of a math and science geek.

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