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sirjoey-23 asked:

Hey cool what's your beef against Seth mcfarlane?


*cracks hands*(knowing that this will be a long response) 

Seth Macfarlane is an inconsiderate sellout. And I will say that bluntly. He thinks the viewers are goldfish and thinks being a complete racist is the best source for comedy. Let me tell you this. Being a complete racist doesn’t make you funny, it just makes you look bad in front of certain people who believe that you have crossed the line(and are obviously headed for trouble).

He is the most unoriginal animator I’ve seen coming from the professional field of animators. The shows that he does just follow the same concept(sitcom, family cast, talking animal, etc). Ted is an unofficial movie of a webcomic that Seth ripped off, only replacing the similarities of the two characters of the said comic with a grown up who’s similar to Stewie(in terms of being attached to his bear) and the bear who is a complete dick. Cartoonbrew did a much better job on explaining how Seth macfarlane ripped off the artist and the comic when making Ted.   Yet…despite the fact that there’s a heated debate between anything he’s done. People still accept the fact that they call his crap ‘entertainment’ and watch it.

I’ve already said this about Cleveland, and I will say it again. Seth Macfarlane should have lost his job at Fox for even doing the cleveland show in the first place. Nobody asked for it, nobody even demanded a spin-off with the said character, and its just an excuse for Seth to make unfunny jokes from the 60s/70s with African Americans. The fact that Ralph Bakshi almost lost his career with doing Coonskin(which is ten times better than Cleveland) while Seth gets no negative criticism to the point where he’s threatened to walk out of the studio of Fox with his hands over his head is to this day making me baffled about the community we live in today.

Fox treating him like a godfather doesn’t help it either. The network won’t approve of anything original outside ‘sitcom’ related shows that doesn’t have a family as the main characters thanks to Seth. As I said before. He’s done the same show three times,and fox thinks thats their big money maker right there. Anything else that tries to be different in terms of animated shows for Fox either gets ignored, or canceled because Fox is forcing the axe on it since they don’t see the $$ coming out of it like Seth’s shows. If you say ‘Bobs burger’s is doing well’, thats because its the same thing we’ve seen before but not from Seth. While the show doesn’t have cutaway gags, the show still has it focused on a family while its in the sitcom styled show(doesn’t help the fact that all of the characters in that show look like muppets, wonder how the show would have done if Fox approved of the show being made with puppets instead of animation).

I have spoken with a few people(who will remain anonymously) who have seen how Fox approves of shows. Needless to say it ain’t pretty. Every now and then they get pitches for original material that have two things in common. They are great original pitches that are not sitcom related animated shows, and they don’t get picked up because Fox doesn’t care about talent from actual cartoonists and would rather take their chances with Mr.Seth Mcmoneymaker. John K doesn’t approve of this either. How do I know? Every now and then he talks about how Family guy is a joke to the animation field as a whole. And South Park had an episode that sums up perfectly why Family guy is a bad show itself(along with the commentary that was provided from Trey Parker and Matt Stone. To this day, Cartoon Wars remains as one of my favorite episodes from South Park). I drew this for a good reason.

Seth could have been a great cartoonist. But in the end. He chose to abuse the art and craft of animation for the sake of profit. It really doesn’t help the fact that he’s wasting that good voice of his to voice unlikable characters that make me cringe whenever I hear them in my presence. If Seth was so nostalgic about the rat pack days of music that tend to show up in Family guy sometimes, then why is he doing animation instead of doing music? Surely he would do a much better job in that particular field considering that he can sing very good(I give him credit for having that kind of talented voice). And he’d give Michael Buble a run for his money in terms of music competition. If Seth just made cartoons like his What-a-cartoon pilot “Larry and Steve”, I wouldn’t dislike his cartoons as much. Considering that Larry and Steve was far more better in terms of humor, animation, and having characters that are likable instead of douchebags. Has he learned what mistakes he’s made? I dont think so. I’m not counting the whole ‘killing brian’ off as one of the things he learned because that was just an attention stunt to get more ratings for the fox network. 

Does that answer your question? 

Indeed. I should’ve gained interest in South Park before possibly doing so for Family Guy and realize that Trey and Matt are more charitable for audiences, along with doing better in my English classes so I wouldn’t get pulled aside for brain burning assignment revisions.

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