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The Prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away, but she warned him not to be deceived by appearances for beauty is found within…
― Beauty And The Beast.

I wonder if parents should sharply mention this scene as a scare tactic for any Aspie daughters they have when said daughters express how nervous they feel around people with disabilities that have outward symptoms the daughters tend to perceive as unsightly in the experiences they have to go through if they were girly in a manner that would unfortunately lead to them being quite vain and superficial?







this should be the most reblogged post on tumblr before it dies

We need to reblog this so much that the post breaks

Reblogging so hard.

Well count me out when Tumblr gets around to doing that

the funny/sad part is that this is happening

Reblogging since I dont want tumblr toned down to the point where I have to close this account. 

Couldn’t the filtering at least be a browsing option?

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